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Zitat von One Direction - Live While We're Young (Songtext)

I know we only met but let's pretend it's love

Zitat von One Direction - Taken (Songtext)

Who do you think you are?
Who do you think I am?
You only love to see me breaking
You only want me 'cause I'm taken

Zitat von One Direction - Just can't let her go (Songtext)

She's so mean but I kinda love it
and I just can't let her go

Zitat von One Direction - Best Song Ever (Songtext)

Maybe it's the way she walked
Straight into my heart and stole it

Zitat von One Direction - Tell Me A Lie (Songtext)

Tell me I'm a screwed-up mess
that I never listen, listen
Tell me you don't want my kiss
that you need your distance, distance

Zitat von One Direction - Through The Dark (Songtext)

Oh I will carry you over
fire and water
for your love

Zitat von One Direction - Back For You (Songtext)

I’m watching you from the stage yeah
You’re smile is on every face now
But every time you wake up
You’re hearing me say

Zitat von One Direction - More Than This (Songtext)

If I'm louder
Would you see me?
Would you lay down in my arms and rescue me?

Zitat von One Direction - Rock me (Songtext)

Lying on the beach as the sun blew out
Playing this guitar by the fire too loud
Oh my my they could never shut us down

Zitat von One Direction - Rock me (Songtext)

I want you to hit the pedal,
heavy metal,
show me you care

Zitat von One Direction - Rock me (Songtext)

I used to think that I was better alone
Why did I ever want to let you go?

Zitat von One Direction - Rock me (Songtext)

Do you remember summer '09?
Wanna go back there every night
Just can't lie it was the best time of my life

Zitat von One Direction - I would (Songtext)

Would he say he's in L-O-V-E?
Well if it was me then I would
Would he hold you when you're feeling low
Baby you should know that I would

Zitat von One Direction - Half A Heart (Songtext)

And being here without you
Is like I'm waking up to
Only half a blue sky
kinda there- but not quite
I'm walking 'round with just one shoe
I'm half a heart without you
I'm half a man- at best
with half an arrow in my chest
I miss everything we do
I'm half a heart without you

Zitat von One Direction - Alive, Album: Midnight Memories (Songtext)

Went to a party just after the doctor talked to me
I met a girl, I took her right up to the balcony
I whispered something in her ear that I just can't repeat
She said, 'OK,' but she was worried what her friends will think

Zitat von Farid Bang - Breiter als der Türsteher, Album: Breiter als der Türsteher von Majoe (Songtext)

Wo du kurz vor der Geburt warst ist jetzt mein Schwanz

Zitat von K.I.Z. - Lass die Sau raus, Album: Sexismus gegen Rechts (Songtext)

Wenn ich Promo brauch, leugne ich den Holocaust
Wie soll ich ein Rassist sein in meiner Schokohaut?

Zitat von Weekend - Kollabo, Album: HIV EP von DNP (Songtext)

Und deine Mucke ist das Highlight?
Ich nenn dich Hurensohn und deine dumme Mutter gibt mir Highfive

Zitat von Leona Lewis - Broken (Songtext)

I wanna run away from love,
this time I have had enough,
every time I feel your touch -
I'm broken.
Shattered all my pieces of part,
never thought I'd fall so hard,
putting back together my heart -
it's broken.

Zitat von Prinz Pi - Wieder und Wieder, Album: Rebell ohne Grund (Songtext)

Die Straße hat so viele Kurven, mir wird schwindelig
Doch ich wusste, irgendwann auf ihr find ich dich
Zitate 161-180 von 1723
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