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Zitat aus Beyond: Two Souls, von Jodie Holmes (Videospielzitat)

Aiden... Wir konnten uns nicht verlassen. Unsere Seelen haben uns vereint. Ich hab dich geliebt und dich gehasst, die ganze Zeit. Aber du warst ein Teil von mir.

Zitat aus Beyond: Two Souls, von Jodie Holmes (Videospielzitat)

Once the Pandora Box is open, it can never be closed again.

Zitat aus Warcraft World of Warcraft, von Tyrande Whisperwind (Videospielzitat)

The moonlight can bring rest to your weary souls in this forgotten place.

Zitat aus Warcraft World of Warcraft, von Tyrande Whisperwind (Videospielzitat)

The darkness surrounds you, the light of Elune is your only salvation.

Zitat aus Warcraft World of Warcraft, von Tyrande Whisperwind (Videospielzitat)

There is nothing left for you here, nothing but death and sorrow.

Zitat aus The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim, von M'aiq der Lügner (Videospielzitat)

M'aiq hat gehört, dass die Einwohner von Himmelsrand besser aussehen als die in Cyrodiil. Er kann dazu nicht viel sagen. Für ihn sind alle Leute schön.

Zitat aus Metal Gear Solid Solid Snake, von Snake (Videospielzitat)

Otacon: 'Do You think love can bloom even on a Battlefield?'
Snake: 'Yeah... I do. I think at any time, any place... people can fall in love with each other. But... if you love someone, you have to be able to protect them.'

Zitat aus King's Quest VI - Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow, von Rotten Tomatoe (Videospielzitat)

What are you nuts? Don't put me in that soup-bowl of a pond, ya' crazy human!

Zitat aus Super Mario Bros., von Toad (Videospielzitat)

Thank you Mario! But our princess is in another castle!

Zitat aus Portal 2, von Wheatley (Videospielzitat)

Bleib ganz ruhig. Aber wenn du doch beunruhigt bist, dann bleib dabei. Das ist die angemessene Reaktion auf die Möglichkeit eines Hirnschadens.
Don't be alarmed. Although if you do feel alarmed, try to hold on to that feeling. Because that is the proper reaction being told, that you got brain damage.

Zitat aus Deus Ex Human Revolution, von William Taggart (Videospielzitat)

The body may heal, but the mind is not always so resilient.

Zitat aus Deus Ex Human Revolution, von Adam Jensen (Videospielzitat)

[Haggard Ending - Anti Augmentation]
Freedom... To those who don't have it, it's more valuable than gold. But where should it start and end? We humans often think we have the right to expand, absorb, convert, or possess anything we need to reach our dreams. But time and time again, hasn't this led to conflicts with others who essentially believe the same thing?

Zitat aus Deus Ex Human Revolution, von Adam Jensen (Videospielzitat)

[Sarif Ending - Pro Augmentation]
It's in our Nature to want to rise above our limits. Think about it. We were cold, so we harnessed fire. We were weak, so we invented tools. Every time we met an obstacle, we used creativity and ingenuity to overcome it. The cycle is inevitable... but will the outcome always be good? I guess that will depend on how we approach it.

Zitat aus Uncharted 2, von Nate (Videospielzitat)

Yeah, right pal, good luck. That's almost impossi... oh, you did it, nice.

Zitat aus Mass Effect, von Garrus (Videospielzitat)

Shepard: 'I couldn't do this without you, Garrus.'
Garrus: 'Sure you could. Not as stylishly, of course!'

Zitat aus Mass Effect, von Garrus (Videospielzitat)

You know me, I always like to savor the last shot before popping the heat sink... wait, that metaphor just went somewhere horrible.

Zitat aus Mass Effect, von Garrus (Videospielzitat)

It's so easy to see the galaxy in black and white, but grey? I don't know what to do with grey.

Zitat aus Gothic 1, von Diego (Videospielzitat)

Diego: 'Ich bin Diego.'
Spieler: 'Ich bin...'
Diego: 'Mich interessiert nicht wer du bist. Du bist neu hier.'

Zitat aus Halo 3, von Pvt. Michael J. Caboose (Videospielzitat)

Leonard Church: 'Hey! Open up!'
Michael Caboose: 'What's the password?'
Leonard Church: 'Password? Oh man, I forgot.'
Michael Caboose: ''Forgot' what?'
Leonard Church: 'I forgot the password.'
Michael Caboose: 'That was almost right. Uh, see, the password *begins* with, 'I forgot,' but ends differently. Um, try again.'
Leonard Church: 'No. I mean, I forgot the password.'
Michael Caboose: 'No, OK, see, you- you got it wrong again. See, you said the same thing as last time.'
Leonard Church: 'I'm bein' serious! I don't know the password!'
Michael Caboose: 'No no no. See, you changed the first part. See, that- that was the right part. See now you've got the whole thing wrong! '
Leonard Church: 'No! I forgot what the password is, and I just need you to open the door!'
Michael Caboose: 'All right, come on man, now you're just guessing!'

Zitat aus Halo 2, von Sgt. Johnson (Videospielzitat)

Now listen up! Back in my day, we didn't have fancy tanks, we had sticks. Two sticks and a rock for the entire platoon. And we had to share the rock. You should consider yourself very lucky marines!
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