Zitate von Helge Schneider

Songtext-Zitat von Helge Schneider

My name is Peter,
I'm a drummer in a band and I'm old.
My name is Peter,
I'm grabbing my grave behind the tent.
One Millimeter a week,
'cause I'm too schwach to hold the Schaufel with my arms,
'cause I'm old. And grabe.
I’m Peter, I feel fine.
Four times a year,
flying in a plane full of other Ommas.
Direction of Menorca – holidays.
Sitting on a big table,
eating cake and drinking Haag!
Yes I’m Peter,
I’m a drummer in a band and I’m old.
I sit on a chair,
I count the rest of my hair – it’s colored,
a touch of blue like the other Omma’s have too.
My boss is singing English,
I can’t understand,
that’s the reason why I smile sometimes for a little Weil.
Yes I’m Peter and I’m old.
I hope I see the christmas and the christmastree this year.
When I have much luck I can see the Easterhase
with his Korb full of eggs.
Feelin’ fine.
I’m schick with my white jacket.
I feel so fine I need no money.
Deydap dupadupadupodey.

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